Take a cookie. Leave a worry.

Here at Cookie Therapy, we believe life should be sweet for everyone. Treat yourself to a home-baked cookie, or pay-it-forward and gift a cookie (or two!) and make someone’s day.

Interested in placing a group order? Head over to the Contact Us page and leave us a message!

We are currently on a break until end of June so our team can take a well-deserved rest! Check by soon!

Cookie Therapy is located in St. Paul, MN. We are currently doing weekly Saturday pick-ups.


CLASSIC HUG: The BIGGEST dark chocolate chip cookie with cashews finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. Warm, cozy, and eat-able at any time of the day.

DEEP DREAM: Rich and deeply chocolate-y double dark chocolate chip cookie. Fall into a deep blissful dream – this one is for you #chocolatelovers.

PJs ALL DAY: Peanut butter cookie with a molten peanut butter and jelly filling. Get ready to party all day in your PJs.

Cookie Therapy is a woman and POC-owned local bakery in the Twin Cities. Pick-ups are weekly in St. Paul, MN. Our pay-it-forward model hopes to make life celebrations just a little sweeter for everyone.

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota
Weekly Saturday pick-ups

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Our Philosophy

Good food should always be shared.